About Daniel

Photo by Sarah Deragon, Portraits to the People

Rev. Daniel Ross-Jones is a United Church of Christ pastor based in Silicon Valley. He’s a native of northern Minnesota, which is readily apparent in the way he pronounces “bagel” and insistence on calling carbonated beverages “pop.” He spent a considerable amount of time in Milwaukee and Chicago before a stint in Auckland, New Zealand, convinced him to never stray far from the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Describing himself as “a geek in the Midwest but clueless in Silicon Valley,” he has enough gadgets for the NSA to keep tabs on him but gets confounded by Snapchat ZIRX Pokemon Go Bitcoin. This combination keeps him employed in the ecumenical Protestant church in the United States — sadly.

Everyone’s famous on the Internet, but for those who want more: Daniel has studied communication, political science, theology, and nonprofit administration from such institutions as Carthage College, McCormick Theological Seminary, and San Francisco State University. He holds an Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising from the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving at Indiana University, and is in the process of Professional Coach Credentialing through the International Coach Federation.

Daniel has served in local churches, middle judicatories, and faith-related organizational settings. (Not counting those times he worked in retail or as a package handler for a large, global delivery company. Which he doesn’t count, except for sermon fodder.) Occasionally maintaining biking, running, and fitness as disciplines, one can find him registering and training for a couple of 5k races each year to stay accountable — he even usually finishes them. Ultimately, this occasional discipline frees Daniel from any sense of guilt about eating donuts with abandon.


Be In Touch

If you want to be in contact with Daniel directly, click here to send him an e-mail. For the most immediate of inquiries (like if you want him to speak at your event, even better if you want to pay him), you can text or phone (650) 937-9010. If you’re sending donuts, direct them to Daniel Ross-Jones, PO Box 453, Palo Alto, CA 94302. (Call first so I check the PO box.)