About GJH

What’s with the name of this blog?

I grew up in Minnesota. Not Minnesota in the Twin Cities, generic mid-continental suburbia — although we did move when I was in high school and I finished up my childhood years there. No, I grew up in northeastern Minnesota on the famed Iron Range. We put on skates, skis, and snowshoes in utero. I’m fourth generation Ranger on my mom’s side, the son of southern Italian migrants and German-Swedish itinerant laborers who made a back-breaking living in open pit iron mines — or hustled supporting the miners who did the work.

Minnesotans are nothing if not a predictable bunch. Every potluck (and there will be a potluck) will include some variation of green Jello and a number of hotdishes. If you see a green Jello hotdish, however, you probably don’t want to eat it. Same goes for lutefisk. Trust me on the lutefisk.

Oh, and you may be wondering what a ‘hotdish’ is. Other places are a bit more uppity than us Rangers and call it a ‘casserole.’ But that’s language of someone who thinks they’re too good for da Range. (Or they might just be from Wisconsin.)

For those truly stalkerish, in this particular space, according to the receipt for his domain name registration, Daniel’s been blogging since 2006. (All of those more-than-a-decade-old posts have been hidden at this point as part of an editorial refocus, but the right combination of donuts might just get you a login to see them.) Honestly, the real truth is he’s sort of a geek and has continually had some sort of Web presence since his first personal page went up on GeoCities (the original edition) in 1996. He’s got printouts of those sites. No, you can’t see them. (But if you do find them on Internet Archive, bonus points for you!)

Purpose & Mission

Green Jello Hotdish exists to celebrate abundance, inspiring and motivating individuals and groups to claim the Divine promise of life abundantly.

This happens through weekly blog postings, ebooks, lessons, newsletters, and other resources primed to help people transform their life and groups impact the community around them.

Licensing Information

Linkbacks are fantastic, but please don’t be a jerk and copy-and-paste things you might like here without attribution. That’s just mean. And unethical, even illegal. But really just mean.

Some material may require advance purchase. Such resources may be used for individual education and formation, or within a group setting when each individual has their own purchased copy of the resource.

I’m happy to speak with you about discounting options, depending on the setting and stated goals. Be in touch.


It really should go without saying, but unfortunately it doesn’t: this blog is the personal space of Daniel Ross-Jones and does not reflect the opinions or positions of any organization with which he is, has been, or will be affiliated. If you want to be upset with anybody, be upset with him alone. You’ll get extra credit bonus Jesus church points if you email him to start a conversation about it.

Also, the Federal Trade Commission wants me to make this clear: as a blogger, Daniel may review and promote products or services, including but not limited to books, conferences and special events, other blogs, and his favorite coffee. Even if it is something he would write about for free — and, likely, he is writing about it for free — you should always presume:

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Editor’s note: I try to disclose any of those benefits in my writing, and really — I know I should have affiliate links set up, but I don’t. Both because I’m that lazy, and I also don’t think I’ve ever linked you through to buy something. But anyway.