Sometimes it helps to talk things through.

I’m amazed at how impactful conversation is in my own personal development. Sometimes these conversations are with my partner, my best friends, my parents, or trusted colleagues. As a high-E extrovert on the Myers-Briggs scale, I cherish those opportunities to organize my thoughts and identify the individual components of my thinking. Without them, I am left in the abyss of endless mindchatter — for me, a great breeding ground for the twin challenges of anxiety and depression.

Of course, sometimes it helps for intentional, skilled conversations with specific goals and purposes, facilitated with specific experts.

  • I meet with my primary care physician at least once each year to ensure that my body is in good physical health. He often will refer me to other specialists who can narrow our conversations further to make create action plans to meaningful changes in my life, such as those with my nutritionist and fitness trainer.
  • I meet with my dentist three times each year, my optometrist once each year, and my chiropractor each week, for other aspects of my physical health that are more focused and specialized than what my medical clinic can provide. I’ll also meet with my massage therapist when I feel myself holding tension in my body.
  • I have an ongoing professional relationship with my psychologist to ensure that I am in top performing mental health. When I am grappling with a specific, acute challenge, we make those meetings weekly; because of our history, most of the time those meetings are monthly.
  • I also meet with my spiritual director at regular intervals. This is a critical activity to listen deeply to the Holy Spirit’s work within my soul, to better identify what it is God is calling me toward and how Jesus Christ is alive in me. I also meet with my pastor regularly for care and encouragement.
  • A couple of times a year I meet with my financial advisor to ensure I am on track for my big picture financial goals, that I am giving enough money away to the places of transformation that I am called to support, and that any opportunities to advance on my debt payments are not being missed.
  • As needed, I will meet with a lawyer or an accountant in order to leverage their professional expertise and counsel.

Another intentional, skilled conversation I cherish is with my coach. In some ways, these conversations include some elements of both the unintentional, unskilled conversations and the intentional, skilled conversations listed above. But they’re different in focus, attention, and outcome.

Coaching is an opportunity to discover, plan, achieve, and celebrate your own success. This success can be in any area of your life, and it is an invitation to personal discovery with structured accountability.

A coach is a skilled professional just like the others listed above, but the relationship between a coach and client differs in that a coach is a skilled listener and probing questioner, rarely offering advice or suggestions of strategy. Instead, a coach listens to the client’s story, following the client’s own thought processing aligned with the client’s own stated goals, asking deep, meaningful questions. Through this process of question-and-answer, the client arrives at their own strategy and their own plan for success — while the coach is then invited in by the client to assist in accountability.

Are you looking for an abundance coach in your own life? Are you looking to take charge of your time, to better align how you spend your hours and days within your values framework? Maybe you are looking to take charge of your talents, to merge into where your deepest gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet? Or perhaps you need to take charge of your treasure, to look deeply at where your heart and soul are living through your own finances and wealth?

Or maybe you are looking for an abundance coach in your organization. These same tools and techniques are helpful in a professional and organizational context, with executive leaders, boards of directors, committees, and other groups.

I’d love to have a conversation with you! While I have been engaged in coaching activities throughout my professional life, I recently decided to make the plunge to become a certified coach. This means I take seriously the ethics, practices, and education demanded of coaches by their clients and the professional community. It also means I take seriously the trust and expectation demanded of me by my clients.

Want to get started? Schedule a 30 minute initial consultation today. This will be conducted online via Zoom, so we can work together from wherever you are anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet with the Zoom app installed. The initial consultation is free, so we are able to get to know each other and determine if I’d be a good abundance coach for you.

Are you local to the San Francisco Bay Area and prefer meeting in-person? I have limited openings for individual clients to meet with me in Oakland or Palo Alto. Be sure to ask during the free initial consultation so we can discuss availability.

Important: As a result of my day job, I am unable to accept independent clients that are connected in the following ways with the United Church of Christ:

  • Local Churches who are members of the Northern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ for organizational coaching
  • Authorized Ministers who hold Standing in the Northern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ or those who are under call or contract with a Local Church that is a member of this Conference

If you fall into one of these categories, please reach out to me through the Conference Office and we can schedule a time to meet and consult about your needs.