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Scarcity Lies

In the Western Christian world, last week we walked through the most sacred week of the calendar year. Scripture paints a drama: from excitement and dreams of a new triumph on Palm Sunday to the bitter death of those particular dreams by Friday afternoon. When the women come on Easter morning to tend to the […]

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Many people who know me might not immediately associate ‘joy’ with one of my commonly displayed characteristics. I prefer my own description of myself as “optimistically cynical:” that I remain grounded in hope for the transformation my Christian faith proclaims yet also remaining grounded in the simple reality that humankind is broken and, without intervention, […]

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Faith is a terrifying thing. And, if that was the end of the story, that would not be enough to build a society-wide community of people around a particular faith tradition. Terror is, at best, a niche market. Consider scary movies: it’s not that they¬†don’t sell out at the box office, it’s just that in […]

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