Author: Daniel Ross-Jones

Rev. Daniel Ross-Jones is a United Church of Christ pastor and nonprofit organizational leadership professional based in Silicon Valley.

Disciplined Abundance

Fifteen days into 2018 and I’m finally ready to share my big, scary thing (BST) that I decided to embark on this year. But, first things first: what is a BST? (Hint: it’s an important thing for those who strive to be regular readers of this blog to be familiar with.)

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Many people who know me might not immediately associate ‘joy’ with one of my commonly displayed characteristics. I prefer my own description of myself as “optimistically cynical:” that I remain grounded in hope for the transformation my Christian faith proclaims yet also remaining grounded in the simple reality that humankind is broken and, without intervention, […]

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Faith is a terrifying thing. And, if that was the end of the story, that would not be enough to build a society-wide community of people around a particular faith tradition. Terror is, at best, a niche market. Consider scary movies: it’s not that they¬†don’t sell out at the box office, it’s just that in […]

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